Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Hire A Professional Organizer

A Professional Organizer is an outside source that can help offer you a different perspective to your Organizing Systems. Often this process requires a professional to guide you .

What is the Cost?

I offer a few different Organizing Packages. You can find them by clicking ➡️ HERE ⬅️ If you don’t see a package that fits your needs please CONTACT ME and we can work together to find a solution that will work best for your situation.

How Can I Pay?

I accept Cash Payments or e-Transfer payments.

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How Long Does it Take?

Each project is different depending on the clients needs and wants. It is for this reason I offer a Free Initial Consultation with the DFY (Done For You) Package where I am able to get a better feel of your situation.

How Can I Book A Consultation?

You can contact me for a consultation or for any questions or comments you may have by clicking ➡️ HERE ⬅️ I always look forward to connecting, chatting and getting to know you all… please don’t be shy reaching out to me!

Are Your Services Confidential?

ABSOLUELTY 100% Confidential !!

There are No Stupid Questions, Just Stupid People

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