The Work is DONE When the Client is SMILING!

- Source unknown

Client Compliments

After working with Robyn for 2 years, no words can describe how much her hard work is appreciated. She is very genuine and has a heart of gold. She goes above and beyond the expectations with a smile on her face ALWAYS! She is truly one of a kind. We are so grateful to have met Robyn as she has became a treasured friend to our family. Her methods are unique and adapted to individuals preferences and needs. She is always keeping the clients best interest at heart. Her hard work, charming personality, and adaptability to individual needs is phenomenal. We are so thankful for all Robyn does for our family!

— Jennifer M


Sharing space for a laundry room and a workshop has it's challenges! I was tired of looking at the disorganization of the room, but didn't have the time or the energy to do anything about it! Along came Robyn with her eye for organization and knack for putting things in order. What I loved about Robyn was her respect for my budget, and the little tips and tricks she had for me along the way. When she finished, the room was neat, tidy and organized. Because of the design she suggested, it has made the room easy to sustain and months later I still have an organized, neat laundry room/workshop. I would recommend Less This Mess any day for your organizational challenges!

— Pam M

After living in my house for 15 years I was finding my closets cluttered and completely disorganized. Robyn gave me some amazing solutions that were very affordable and easily implemented. I have used her suggestions throughout my home.
Thank you so much Robyn!!

— Pam F

In 2014 my husband passed away and I found myself in a position of having to do a major purge and organize so that I could sell my house and move into a much smaller condo. I saw Robyn’s ad and hoped Less This Mess could help me. I met with Robyn and was so impressed with her talents and organization skills that I hired this wonderful woman to help me tackle such a monumental task (at least it was for me). She was so kind and understanding, but also kept me “on task” to get the job done. I can’t say enough about this girl and if you need organizational advice or help in any way to purge, she is the one to call. She rolls up her sleeves and gets right in there until the job is done and she has many tips to help store items that I never would have thought of.

— Susan H

It Always seems IMPOSSIBLE Until it’s DONE

-Nelson Mandela