How to Be Organized!

How to Be Organized!

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Being organized is a practice that requires CHANGE, changes both big and small #youcandoit

Change can be difficult, so be kind to yourself!! Making even small changes will get you on the right path!


Do you need to Declutter and get Organized? Let's Clear The Clutter from your space together with my 5 Organizing Tips when you're feeling overwhelmed!

Everything has a ‘Home’ 


Everything you have in your house must have a permanent home. When the item is not in use it goes back in it’s place! This home could be a closet, cupboard or drawer….it is NOT counter space or a table top.


If you plan and schedule your tasks and your day you will be more organized!

Make Lists

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Write it down…..enter the info into your phone and create lists so you are not always trying to remember everything. Getting it out of your head helps clear the clutter in your brain! #clearmind

Meal Planning

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Planning your meals keeps your grocery shopping and your budget organized! You can read more about Meal Planning >HERE<

Create a Routine


A routine will become a daily habit, your NEW NORMAL!

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