Why You Need A Meal Plan!

Why You Need A Meal Plan!

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Do you Meal Plan?

I love the practice of Meal Planning🍽! There are so many benefits to this practice!


Why you need a Meal Plan sooner than later....these 5 important reasons are why!! You will feel organized once you are planning your meals for the week

My little Weekly Meal Plan used to live on the side of my fridge NOT on the front, the front of our fridge is always clean and empty #alwayslooksorganized This side area was kind of tucked in a corner so the page was discreetly hidden from any guest eyeballs 👀 and it also allowed my family to have easy access to what they were going to be eating #momwhatsfordinner?

Meal Plan

*UPDATE-since I moved it is now posted inside my pantry

Those of you that know me well know that I meal plan every single week ….I mean doesn’t every body?? I’m working hard on getting you all to do this 😉

I plan this chore around the day that my local flyers go live…..Wednesdays and/or Thursdays in my area

My first step is to check my freezer for what I already have then consult my flyers #loveasale and plan my meals…..keep in mind any activities, appointments or plans that may affect your meal that day

Don’t Panic!!

It’s not written in stone, you can always change your mind or switch days up #ioftendo

Meal Planning is life changing! Yes LIFE CHANGING! #imnotbeingdramatic #insertsarcasm 😉


I save a ton of time by planning my meals in advance. I don’t waste time making multiple trips to the grocery store each week….I usually go Thursday or Friday (but plan your shopping for whatever day works for you and your schedule) I head to the grocery store with my complete list (good copy of course #imthatweird🙄) made from what I need after planning my meals and checking my inventory. I get everything I need for the following week all in one trip #smartshopping



I plan my meals according to my local flyer specials #iloveagooddeal so of course I stock up when there is a really good deal #stockthefreezer If it is in your weekly budget always try and take advantage of flyer specials. Another way I save money is I never rarely throw out any produce!! Haven’t we all walked into the produce section deciding that we are going to eat healthy and buy every single veg and fruit out there? And what happens, more than half ends up in the trash! Meal Planning sets you up for success…..you only buy the produce you need for that week #smartshopping



By planning ahead our eating habits are often healthier. Think about the days you get home after a long day at work and your just exhausted….without a plan it’s so easy to just pick up some fast food or throw a pizza in the oven BUT since you are now a #planner your family has a healthy option on their plate #yum



When creating your grocery list (cause you all are making a list right??? P.S. I talk about making lists >HERE<) try and think of the layout of your store and put your list in that order. Your list saves you from wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles thinking about what to buy and saves the #impulseshop


You know when you come home after a long day to a house full of starving kiddos #momwhatsfordinner? #wheresmywine 🍷 This isn’t your day end anymore (ok probably the wine is still in the equation #priorties ) …..but you know what’s for dinner, your protein is already thawing out in the fridge because you’re a Meal Planner now. No stress thinking about what to cook, no stress looking for ingredients because you’re a Meal Planner now!!

#youareamealplannernow #yesyouare

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Happy Organizing!

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