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Step 1 ~ Pre-Prep

First we will have an initial Email, Phone Call or Skype Call. This initial contact allows us to discuss your wants, your needs, what’s working and what’s not. This gives me some background information for our consultation in Step 2. This step is very important for you, it is though this initial contact that you will gain my trust to guide you through this process. There is no obligation to move forward and no payment is required at this time


Step 2 ~ Consultation (45 mins via Skype)

This consultation will include my plan and your vision for your space. This will include product recommendations, organization strategies and steps to achieve this. We will discuss any concerns you have and I will answer all of your questions. At this step a 50% deposit ($25) is required via PayPal before our meeting commences. Once this meeting is complete the remaining 50% is required via PayPal.


Step 3 ~ Follow Up

I will follow up with you 1 week later for any remaining questions and again in 2 months time for continued encouragement and coaching.



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